A large step in any growth journey is to get clear on what’s most important to you, the unique gifts you bring and the vision you hold for your world. Through coaching, you’ll get clear on who you are as the leader of your life and in connection to others, where you’re going, and how to get there.


Great things happen when you’re connected to your inner leader, your team, and the world around you. Peaceful Powered Leadership workshops help you and your team be better together in service to your shared purpose and each other, through trust building and communication growth experiences uniquely tailored to our partnership.


Clarity, Connection and Courage intersect at Compassion, when we become present to our whole selves and the world the way it is. Peaceful Powered Leadership Program harnesses the power of compassion and points the way to a more balanced, integrated way of leading.

About Us

Peaceful Powered Leadership is a professional coaching, public speaking, and facilitation business.

Jared Narlock is an author, keynote speaker, and consultant that works to help grow the way people view leadership development, employee engagement, communication, trust and growth around professional and personal development. He works with groups of all sizes around the world, helping them find courage, step into action, and lead through influence to create workspaces that open the door for empowerment and engagement built on strong foundations of trust and communication.

Jared has held the role of Vice President of Talent Development for a healthcare organization and Director of Learning and Organizational Development for two different organizations. Jared’s work on employee engagement has been featured on and and in his book People Powered Moments. Jared brings a uniqueness to his work in that he’s lived being a leader at the supervisor, manager, director, and executive levels. He doesn’t present or teach material, but instead collaborates through personal storytelling of his failings and learnings combined with his growth through these experiences and the expertise he’s gained through certifications like Dare To Lead™ Facilitator, Reality Based Leadership Facilitator, DISC Facilitator, and International Coach Federation Certified Coach.

He’s always striving to learn and grow through multiple avenues to bring his best self in partnership to the world in order to live his why of helping others grow and develop and inspire action in the best ways possible.

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