Workshops & Facilitations

I help groups and teams have more effective and engaging interactions and to build braver, courageous, and more humanistic workplace relationships by sharing key leadership skills and best practices. I draw upon more than 15 years of professional experience as a corporate trainer, a manager, a leader, a mentor, and a post-secondary instructor, to help your group or team grow, improve, and reach desired state goals.

As a facilitator, I design and facilitate planning sessions for maximum engagement and results that leave learners, and their organizations, feeling confident that they are on track to achieving their best outcomes.

I have designed and delivered skill development and team-building workshops and programs for groups that include the government, healthcare, professional associations, post-secondary institutions, and entrepreneurs’ groups, just to highlight a few. I have experience as an educator at the post-secondary level and was Director of Learning and Organizational development for two different organizations and Vice President of Talent Development for a healthcare organization, where I was responsible for introducing and growing a coaching skills and professional and leadership development program for associates, supervisors, managers, and senior leaders.

Some of my most popular workshops:

Take the Coach-Approach: Coaching Skills for Professionals and Leaders

In this interactive skill-building workshop, learners will discuss the differences between the roles they play in the workplace, and when and how to apply key coaching skills to improve work relationships and achieve desired results. By sharing his experience and guiding learners as they practice new skills, Jared creates a safe, supportive and effective learning environment. As a half-day introduction, or full-day session, discussion and practice scenarios are customized to meet your organization’s needs.

Dealing with Difficult Conversations with Courage, Candor and Connection

Need to discuss performance, give feedback or raise awareness in an effort to increase accountability and strengthen your team? Hesitating to tell others about an upcoming change? This workshop is ideal for anyone who wants to have more effective interactions and courageous conversations with clients, team-members, colleagues and others. Learners will approach strategies and key skills for managing emotionally charged situations, and employ a process to move conversations in a productive direction.

DISC Understanding Behavior for Effective Communication

DISC is an invaluable behavioral communicationassessmentapproach that measures an individual’s preferences and tendencies based on the model’s four styles: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness. It also teaches users how to identify, adapt and flex to others’ styles for improved communication and relationships. In this two- to three-hour group learning experience, each participant receives a personalized report and group de-briefing to help everyone understand their unique results, see how they best fit within the team, and helpeveryone improve communication and collaboration, along with building and understanding trust better through communication styles.

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